Skull Club: Club for skull collectors around the world. Very interesting discussions and friendly members to chat with.
Steel Source:   Fantastic place for weapons and figurines of all kinds in the Rochester area. I shop here all the time!
Body Xtremes:
Xtreme Tattoos:
  Great places to get pierced and inked if you're in the Boston area. Not to mention checking out the awesome skull collection there!
SCA:   The Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization dedicated to re-creating pre-17th-century Europe.
Fishing & Hunting:   Nice site for finding taxidermy and hunting links.
The Boneman:   Lee's wonderful site for getting skeletal assembly manuals with fantastic pictures.

Cool Craniums Store:   I have lots of great skulls, furs, pelts, and skull-related items for sale. Dont forget to check it out!

Contact me if you're interested in swapping links.