My name is Nikki, I'm 40 years old, I recently finished my BS in Biological Science, and I'm trying to get a job as a Diener (autopsy assistant). Currently, I'm an office manager for a real estate appraisal office. I also do bookkeeping for a few other people, glass etching and vinyl graphics for vehicles, and tissue recovery (collect organs and tissue samples from donors for research companies). During the summer I go to car shows and cruises with my friends. Whatever spare time I have left I spend on cleaning skulls and selling them on Ebay or my online store found here.

  John and I hanging out at a "crime scene".
  My daughter and I at an SCA event. My family attends many events each year, learning about medieval times.
Having fun with handcuffs!
I ran for County Coroner here a few years ago and this proves I can dress up real nice, heehee.
  This is Mik, a friend and fellow skull collector. Try to guess which website is his on my Links page!
ak-47 shooting   Shooting my AK-47 in the back yard is fun! All I need is the rest of my arsinal.